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Meet Lucy

I have been running for enjoyment and competitively for over 25 years. During that time I have competed in numerous races from 5km upwards in the UK and overseas, winning several major ultras achieving a sub 3 hour marathon. I am also a regular competitor in triathlons and other endurance events.

I was not always a runner, at school I was the person hiding behind the store shed to avoid being picked last for teams! So I understand what it is to start with little confidence or experience and to progress to fill ones own potential. This is why I love to coach people from different sporting backgrounds and abilities, from absolute beginners to elite athletes, helping every individual that I coach gain confidence and meet their goals.


After the birth of our son in 2011 I decided to leave my working world of Business Development and Change Management and to take some time off racing to concentrate on a career change. I wanted to try combining the skills I learnt through change management and organisational development with my passion for sport.  I therefore qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist to enable me to start a career that would allow me to impart some of the experience and knowledge that I have gained to others as well as providing a job that I can work around childcare  and the family. The experience I gained in the business world has helped me understand the importance of giving realistic advice, support and empathy to people who embark on a structured training programme which may be a totally new concept to them. 


I also have a huge interest in functional movement and in making strength and fitness relevant to a particular person's lifestyle. I therefore started  instinctively to specialise, alongside running coaching,  in sport specific personal training. After many years horse riding and with a champion jockey as a sister, I have a particular interest in equestrians. I also work with skiers and tennis players for pre season training and rehab from injury. 

Over my sporting years I have experienced many set backs and injuries, so I understand the effect this has on mind and soul, the impact on motivation and also the desire to get back into training as soon as is physically possible. I have learnt the hard way about returning to sport too quickly and so I believe I have a good understanding about the ups and downs that come with sport.

I understand the mechanics and underlying causes of sporting injuries so am able to advise on preventative actions and rehabilitiation methods. I have also trained throughout pregnancy and with a buggy post natally, and have worked in environments where exercise is not easily accommodated, so I have a good understanding of keeping fit and active under a wide range of circumstances.


Whether it be for personal training or sports massage I provide a comprehensive and holistic approach, incorporating the training and experience I have in nutrition, training, rehabilitation and motivation into every aspect of my provision. I am able to advise on cross training and fitness maintenance during periods that a desired sport might not be possible during recovery from injury.


I work with people who have no experience of exercise and are just starting out, to top athletes.


Race Highlights - overseas

Winning women of the Everest Challenge Marathon; (joint first overall men and women)

Winner of the Himalayan 100 Mile stage race, (second overall men and women)

Winner of a Namibian 250km stage race

Winner of the Gobi Desert 250kmStage race, joint second overall with my husband

Winner of a 100km race in Hungary.

Winner 21M Rocky Ridge Run Pennsylvania USA July 2018

Winner Votwo's 3 day race in Southern Spain (1st overall men and women) Nov 2018


On home soil highlights have included:

 -  sub 3 hour London Marathon

 - winner of the Meon Valley Plod (20 miles) 4 years running

 - winner 3 times of the Steyning Stinger marathon (course record holder       since 2007)

 - 3 times winner of the Jurassic Coastal 75 mile coastal challenge.

 - winner Bewl marathon May 2017, course record holder

 - winner Clarnendon marathon October 2018

Previous sponsors include; High5, Innov8 , Sunwise, Enertor and For Goodness Shakes.



Otto my training buddy

My mini coach

Racing in Namibia

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