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I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Lucy Hilton for future running clubs. As the leader of the running club at St. Peter's School for several years, Lucy has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the development and well-being of our students.

Under Lucy's guidance, the running club has flourished into a haven for young athletes eager to improve their running technique and enhance their overall fitness levels. Her dedication to the club's members goes beyond mere instruction; she fosters an environment of encouragement, support, and camaraderie, instilling in each participant a sense of belonging and motivation to excel.

Lucy's expertise in running and fitness has been instrumental in honing the skills of our students. Through her meticulous coaching methods and personalised attention, she has helped countless children unlock their potential and achieve remarkable progress in their running abilities. Her emphasis on proper technique and injury prevention ensures that participants not only perform better but also develop a lifelong love for running. Some of these children have gone on to compete at National Athletics events.

Beyond her role within the running club, Lucy embodies qualities of leadership, integrity, and compassion. She leads by example, inspiring those around her to strive for excellence while embodying the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

In conclusion, Lucy Hilton is an invaluable asset to our school community. Her unwavering dedication to the running club and its members has left an indelible mark on the lives of our students, fostering a culture of fitness, determination, and achievement. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any opportunity she pursues, confident in her ability to excel and inspire others.

Mr Doku, Director of Sport, St Peter's Preparatory School , June 2024


Lucy Hilton's extensive experience and enthusiasm for running creates an environment in her sessions that encourages children to develop their individual technique and desire to run. Her sessions cater for all abilities and focuses on each individual's needs and goals. I am enormously thankful for Lucy's valuable input with our pupils and have seen vast improvements in every child she has coached. I thoroughly look forward to seeing more of our pupils develop their passion for running and exercise in the future under Lucy's direction.

Rob Parker, St Peter's Preparatory School, January 2022

Concerned he’d be one of the slowest in the group, Sam was initially apprehensive about joining run club. He had no need to be! Lucy’s sessions are about technique rather than winning. Whether it’s advising on the best start position for a sprint or the most appropriate footwear, Lucy’s fun and nurturing  coaching style has brought Sam on no end. He even surprised himself by qualifying for the nationals. We’ve seen a complete transformation that has boosted his confidence in all sports. Thank you Lucy. 

Lisa, parent January 2022

I really disliked running but I play a lot of football and was told that it would help me with that. I’ve now started lessons with Lucy and it’s so much fun because her sessions are about technique rather than speed. I don’t get out of breath in the same way and I’m actually much faster now too.

Emily Year 6 pupil, January 2022

"I can't recommend the gait analysis session enough.  Lucy is very knowledgeable and has a very professional yet relaxed style.  I am a typical club runner, so not an elite/professional runner but Lucy's advice and help is transforming my running and hopefully now I should not be plagued with an ongoing achilles injury which has been bothering me for some time. The session made me more aware of my running style an how this can be improved. I'd been thinking about having a gait analysis for a while and now wish I had done this earlier."

Mandy Turner, Sussex, January 2020

"I was referred to Lucy while undergoing treatment on an achilles injury that was proving difficult to shift. She took me through a detailed gait analysis and recommended a 12 week programme of specific strengthening exercises and stretches, accompanied by a series of running cues intended to adjust my running style. Her analysis was thorough and her diagnosis and advice simple to understand. It fitted well with the rehab work that I was doing with my physio. Towards the end of the programme I knocked almost two minutes off my 10k compared with the same race a year earlier. Early days, but a very good indication of the benefit of her input. I'd thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone looking to improve their running style."

Ed Warner, former Chair of UK Athletics, February 2019


"Working with Lucy has been a transformative experience for me. 
I’ve known my body to be in great shape before children but I’d allowed myself to get distracted with being so busy and had lost energy, muscle tone and strength. 
Signing up to Lucy’s boot camp was daunting as I knew her to be an endurance runner so I expected to be pushed, pushed, pushed and to want to drop out after a few weeks. 
But I was blown away by Lucy’s approach to exercise. 
Not only did I never feel as if I was ‘less than’ for being not as fit as I once was but she has this way of enabling you to achieve things that you absolutely never thought you would be able to but does it in a way that means you achieve the goal and then, after you’ve done it, she tells you about it. 
Put it this way - If anyone had ever told me that I’d be doing 100 press ups in one session and not realise it until the end of the class I would not have believed them. 
But Lucy enabled that and I’m so grateful
Cherry Menlove, 
Published Author, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur

Lucy, I can’t thank you and recommend you enough at how much you’ve helped my running. 
You made it so easy to understand where I needed to improve and the remedial exercises and pointers were easy to fit into a daily routine.

Colin Entikapp - Running gait assessment

"I’ve worked with Lucy for over a year as I wanted to achieve a step change in my triathlon and running performance. The results speak for themselves - last season (summer 2016) at the age of 54 I got a 10k PB, a half marathon PB, a marathon PB and a half Ironman PB. I've been competing in triathlon for 10 years and working with Lucy has been fantastic. She’s got so much expertise and experience and she manages to combine that with warmth, humanity and great flexibility. Her commitment to quality is outstanding, she’s unbelievably responsive and I really feel as though she’s as committed to my goals as I am.  If you are looking for a fabulous coach or personal trainer, whether you live near Lucy or not, give her a call now. She’s a rockstar."

Keith Hatter - Ironman, Director PlanetK2  Online client since 2015

"Lucy's knowledge in improving a runner's performance is second to none. She listened to my training goals, developed a series of training plans and executed the sessions professionally. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and focused me on my goal, giving me the belief that I can complete my first ever marathon."

Natalie Smith

"I can't recommend Lucy for coaching highly enough. I've been training for the London Marathon for the past few months and although I've been clocking up the kilometres, I haven't been great at speed, hill training or stretching! I've now had a few sessions with Lucy and realise the importance of this kind of training. She has brought my fitness on so much in only a couple of weeks and am looking forward to many more sessions with her. It also helps that Lucy is so lovely too."  

Sheena Skinner, Director Health, Beauty, Detox

"I found Lucy's remote training programme was a really great way to kick start my training and prepare for a half marathon after having my baby. It gave me the same motivation and confidence I'd have had with one to one personal training sessions but it was much more flexible so I could fit the runs and exercises in around my family commitments. Lucy's guidance helped me stay on track and kept me pushing my boundaries as my running fitness improved and she advised me though injuries and low points when I might have slowed or stopped my training. I've really enjoyed working with her."    

Rebecca Green, East Wittering

I worked with Lucy a couple of years ago while preparing for a 4 day stage race. I was looking for someone to help me focus my training, give me some advice on nutrition, do some regular conditioning sessions with me, and generally support me in the build up the race. With Lucy’s extensive and impressive record as an elite competitor in endurance events, alongside her personal training background, she was the ideal person to help me! The all round ‘package’ of support she gave me was top notch - over the months we were working together, I got fitter, faster and stronger - my endurance and speed improved significantly. The focused goal driven approach, targeted plan and on-going check-ins, texts and general support were superb and exactly what I needed. I would recommend Lucy to anyone trying to achieve some kind of fitness goal - whether it’s just improving your health and level of fitness, or if you’re a more serious athlete working towards a specific event”.    

Katherine Bond, Elite multi sport adventure racer; Sports Psychologist to the Paralympic Archery Team

"As a man of a certain age who was about to embark on a 250 mile 3 day Halow charity bike ride, having taken very little exercise in the last 30 years, unsurprisingly I ran into trouble whilst training a couple of weeks before the event. Lucy was recommended to me by a local sports shop for a sports massage, I was so impressed with her technique, not only in massage, but talking to me about diet and the training routine I should adopt in the week up to the ride and general encouragement, she also sms’d me with supportive messages and to see how I was getting  on. I had a number of sessions with Lucy and was able to go on and complete the ride. Thanks Lucy, you really exceeded my expectations and enabled me to exceed mine!  


I would also like to thank Lucy for generously giving up her time to offer post ride massages to the riders at the finish of the Halow Charity event."        

Tim Oliver,  Trustee, The Halow Project, Tillington






                                                              Rebecca and Marcus competing in their first half marathon. May 2015








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