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Functional Running Assessment and Gait Re-Education

Certain running patters can be linked to specific injuries, in particular patello femoral pain, achillies tendonitis, tibial stress fractures (shin splints), Iliotibial Band (ITB) and plantar fasciitis.


Gait retraining combines strength training with real time feedback techniques to enhance performance, rehabilitate and reduce the recurrence of certain injuries by consciously modifying running pattern.



During a 2 hour consultation, I carry out a full bio-mechanical assessment to identify any areas of weakness or asymmetries.

I then film you running at different paces and together we discuss points that arise as a result of analysis of a slow motion replay of your running gait.  We then discuss verbal and non verbal cues as well as strengthening exercises to address areas for improvement that we've identified. 

I will send you a report of my findings along with the protocols prescribes. There is then the option of a follow up meeting in 5-6 weeks where we discover what improvements have been made.  The cost of the 2 hour assessment is £120. Follow up appointment is £50.

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