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I offer running coaching, running assessment and gait re-education, personal training, remote programme writing tailored to your specific event or requirement and sports massage. Please go to the individual tabs above for more details about each of the provisions below.


Functional Running Assessment and Gait Re-Education

Certain running patters can be linked to specific injuries, in particular patello femoral pain, achillies tendonitis, tibial stress fractures (shin splints), Iliotibial Band (ITB) and plantar fasciitis.


Gait retraining combines strength training with real time feedback techniques to rehabilitate and reduce the recurrence of certain injuries by consciously modifying running pattern.

I offer a two hour appointment during which I carry out a full bio-mechanical assessment followed by filming you run. We analyse this in slow motion and I advise you on areas of importance within your running form in terms of performance enhancement and injury prevention. I give you a series of exercises and cues to work on prior to a review after 5-6 weeks. 

Childrens Running

If children can run well and 'keep up' with the crowd, they will be able to participate in sport with confidence and this will have a positive impact on their confidence in all areas of their life. So often, a child with less efficient running technique might feel left behind, left out and ultimately not want to participate in sport. I truly believe every child can find their niche in sport and can learn to make it an integral part of their being and life. I work with children of 7 years up wards on a one to one or group basis to help them learn to enjoy running and in so doing to improve their running technique. In a similar way to the adult gait analysis, I watch them run and then through a programme of drills and strengthening exercises help them run better. This is probably my most rewarding area of work, children are so responsive and I love seeing the quick improvements and knock on effect to their enjoyment of and confidence in sport. Every programme is bespoke to the age and requirements of the child, please contact me for details.

Remote Tailored Programme Design

Several of my clients prefer to train alone, but like to have a ‘virtual’ coach with them, giving them structured sessions, recording progress and providing tips and advice.  Being 'accountable' to someone can be a great source of motivation which in turn ensures consistency in training and therefore progression.

I provide a programme bespoke to the time you have available and according to your individual goals and preferred training methods. We keep in touch regularly so that the programme can be altered as necessary to accommodate changes to your routine, a goal change or injuries etc. This is a popular option because it gives people a person to be accountable to.

Sport specific coaching



As well as training runners, triathletes and those clients who 'just want to get fit and / or lose some weight and tone up' I also train athletes for their specific sport. My special expertise is in equestrians; I design programmes specific to the balance, core strength, flexibility and endurance required for horse riding. I also coach with the same functional focus in other specialist sports including  skiing, surfing, tennis, multi discipline races and rowing. By understanding the specific strength, mobility and stamina requirements of the sport I tailor every plan to address those specific requirements whilst also taking time to understand each individual client and areas that they particularly need to work on. 


Whole body conditioning and over all fitness. Suitable for people of all fitness levels. Please contact me for details on current locations and times.

Running buddy


Are you new to running and don't know where to start? Would you like company on your runs or help to find new routes? Do you have a specific goal in mind and need some help and motivation to get there? Would you like to improve your race times? Let me help by running with you. I will support you through different types of training and over a variety of routes and terrains to suit your own standard and goals. 

Personal Training

A one to one or small group session to give you that extra nudge or motivation to push yourself that bit further. Sessions can be held outside or inside at your home and are tailored to your preferences and goals.


Sports Massage Therapy

I work with every client individually to achieve the goal personal to you. This might be to restore normal pain free healthy function, to increase range of motion, to alleviate pain and to restore strength, power and balance.



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