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Personal Training

If, like me, you struggle to fit exercise into your life alongside other commitments, such as family, work and home pressures, personal training in your home environment could be the option for you.


A regular, organized session that you have committed to is less likely to get pushed out of your day than an exercise session planned alone, that so frequently can be usurped by other seemingly more important tasks and chores.


I would first meet with you for an initial consultation. During this session we would discuss your goals and objectives, establish current fitness levels and ability and look into posture, diet and previous training and injuries. Based on this I would draw up one to one sessions specifically tailored to your requirements.


Each session involves a cardio warm up, then toning, conditioning and strength work and possibly some agility work, depending on your specific goals. Some clients just want me to take them on different runs, including tempo sessions, hill training, fartlek and long runs.


I aim to make training sessions as varied as possible and provide all equipment needed including Bosu, TTX, ViPR, Medicine Ball, skipping rope, bands and hand weights.


Each week as your fitness levels increase I will adapt your programme to ensure that you’re working out at an optimum level to keep the positive momentum towards reaching your goals.

I offer face to face personal training in the Midhurst, Haslemere and Petworth area.

Please call or email me to discuss your requirements and to ask any questions you might have.

Hill reps

Combining child care and training

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