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Helping Children run better


I am a firm believer that being able to participate in sport is vitally important in children. The health benefits are well known and are not what I refer to here. Being able to kick a ball with friends, play tag, being part of the team are SO important for self confidence.

My own experience and that I have observed of so many children is that if you are labelled 'no good at sport' from an early age, this can have a detrimental effect on your confidence but also the willingness you show at getting involved in sport of any kind. So often children say they don't like sport simply because they dont think they can do it. I was one of those people.

My passion and aim is to help demonstrate that ALL children can find their niche in the world of exercise.

One of the key things to sport as a child is being able to run. I have found children to be exceptionally responsive to making small tweaks to their running style which then enables them to run stronger and better. Even if they can't catch or throw a ball well, being able to keep up with the others is much of the battle won.

One to one tailored session : I work with children from 7 years upwards on a one to one basis. After watching and analysing their running and, most importantly, after finding what motivates and excites them, I tailor sessions to help them run better and stronger whilst keeping sessions short, fun, progressive and varied. Everything is tailored to the individual child; I give them some simple exercises to practice between sessions and after every session send an email to their parent outlining what we've done and the session aim.

If you are interested in this service please drop me a line and we can discuss the best way forward for your child.

Running Club : I also provide running activities in schools. Activities and format is tailored to the requirement of the school but can include options such as a running club to improve running knowledge and technique, a running club to improve running speed and modules designed to get 'non-runners' enjoying running. Running club can take place as an after-school activity or within school hours. I can also offer one to one running coaching to pupils to improve their running technique, improve their running fitness or to help them enjoy running and realise it can be a life-long form of exercise and enjoyment.

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