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Equestrian Fitness

Personal Training for Horse Riders

Horse riding is a physical activity and your fitness is just as important as your horse's fitness.  A high level of fitness in riding disciplines such as dressage, eventing cross country and polo is essential at competition level. Benefits include increased muscular strength, increased stamina and endurance, improved balance in the saddle, increased flexibility and suppleness of joints helping you move with your horse, injury avoidance, increased core strength and improved posture.  Do you want to improve your riding fitness but have no idea where to start? Personal coaching is the best way to achieve your goals and have a long lasting effect on your fitness levels and riding.  I will be able to give you specific exercises that will improve your riding and your confidence as well as the motivation to actually do them. Horses take up a lot of time - so it might be that you simply don't have the time to meet regularly for face to face training. If this is the case I can provide an online training programme specific to your current fitness and requirements. 

Personal training keeps things interesting, gives motivation and offers accountability. If you are paying for an on line programme or to train with me face to face you are more likely to commit to exercising, and it is commitment and consistency that will elicit results.


Polo Fit

In an increasingly competitive and professional sport trainers and pre-season training programmes are becoming more common to ensure that the player is well prepared to play hard for a full 40 minutes and recover quickly to play the next day.  Whether your goals are to play the best you can play at your level or to improve your handicap, your fitness is integral to improvement. Core strength is essential for providing power, stability and strength to your body; a strong core will distribute the stresses of weight-bearing and protect the back. It is also fundamental to perfecting and strengthening your different swings whilst maintaining balance. 


Personal training for polo can help you increase your endurance,  improve your balance and flexibility, increase your lower leg strength, maximise your rotational power, strengthen your core and stay injury free. I use stability balls, medicine balls, elastic bands, hand weights, TRX suspension system, Bosu and agility ladders amongst other things. WIth blocks of 6 or more training sessions I can also give free nutritional advice. 

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