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Tailored Programme Design

Several of my clients prefer to train alone or simply don't have the time to go to a running / cycling club session. Yet they still want to know what sessions to do every week and for some, to be accountable to someone.

For these people I become a ‘virtual’ coach, giving them a weekly programme that they can fit around their own lifestyle and schedule;  I record progress and provide tips and advice.  


Having someone else set your programme and goals can be very motivating, it takes away the worry of what you should be doing each day and being 'accountable' to someone might give you that extra push to exercise on the days you just don't feel like it. We all have those days!


Together we look at short, medium and long term goals and I tailor a programme around this, taking into consideration cross training options, time available to train and any other relevant constraints. I update the programme weekly and answer any questions or concerns via email, telephone or skype.


My clients have included a broad section of people from absolute beginners to accomplished cyclists, runners, triathletes, multi – discipline adventure racers, a surfer, a windsurfer and several from equestrian disciplines .


Some people like to have a year round programme, sent on a monthly basis and with regular phone, skype and email contact. Others prefer to have a 'quick fix' 6 week programme,for example to prepare for a specific event or to sharpen up prior to the start of the season.

Sport specific packages

I also offer several 'quick fix fitness' packages specific to a clients chosen sport. Some examples are given below. Other sports might include surfing, cycling, kayaking , multi sport adventure racing etc

Whist these quick fix programmes are all six weeks, every programme is written bespoke to each individual client. The programmes are sent in two week blocks to allow for adjustments to the next block if necessary and following a conversation with you about how you are getting on, what changes might be needed.

  • Six weeks to ski fit - a six week strength, stretch and cardiovascular programme aimed at getting clients ready for their ski holiday or the ski season.

  • Six weeks riding fitness - helpful at any time and especially for pre season polo, eventing or racing season. The programme will include workouts to increase cardiovascular fitness as well as rider specific strength and conditioning to ensure that clients start the season with adequate endurance, strength, core strength and posture. This pre season preparation will help prevent overuse injuries.

  • Tennis fit - a six week programme with exercise specific to improving tennis fitness.

Please call me to discuss your specific requirements and we can talk through what type and length of programme is right for you. Every person is different so I do not have fixed packages, instead I prefer to adapt for the client in question.

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